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A Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp Visiting Lithonia

Devmountain Satellite

***Due to an abundance of caution, this cohort is postponed because of Coronavirus. Download the Course Outline and we will send you an update when we reschedule.*** 

Learn to Code in 13 Weeks for $4,990

Devmountain’s Web Development course is coming to Lithonia, near Atlanta, so students can learn in an immersive setting for thirteen weeks.

  • In-person instruction and learning
  • On-site at Strayer’s Lithonia, GA campus
  • Full-time, immersive program
  • Program dates TBD because of Coronavirus. Download the Course Outline and we will email you an update when we reschedule. We also have a remote course starting April 27th.
  • Class size limited to 20 students

Apply for the course before the application deadline to begin the enrollment process.

Join the Devmountain Community

Become part of the growing Devmountain community, studying alongside like-minded career changers and tech enthusiasts.

Learn Web Development Fast

Step up to the challenge of changing your career by tackling the intense thirteen-week coding bootcamp.

13 Weeks of Instruction for $4,990

Take advantage of thirteen weeks of immersive, in-person instruction and learning on Strayer’s Lithonia, GA campus for less than $5k.

Looking to Change Your Career?

If you’re interested in tech and you’re looking for a career change, this could be what you need. Devmountain’s Web Development course is designed to teach you the skills to pursue a job as a junior web developer at the end of the 13-week program.

Course Curriculum

Become a full-stack developer at our fully immersive software development course. We teach frontend to backend web development to help students become familiar with web stack program languages like HTML5. CSS3, Javascript, Git, Github, NodeJS, ReactJS, and many more throughout our web developer bootcamp. 

Download a Free Course Outline

Interested in attending? Let us send you a free course outline with a breakdown of what to expect at Devmountain Satellite!

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Devmountain is Strayer University's industry-leading coding bootcamp. Our instructors and program directors are passionate about empowering future programmers, entrepreneurs, and designers, through Devmountain courses.

What Is Devmountain?

Devmountain has permanent campuses in Lehi, Dallas, and Phoenix that accept students year-round. We also have temporary on-site coding and design programs that go on tour from city to city to select Strayer campuses (pending regulatory approval). Unlike Devmountain permanent campuses, Satellite locations do not include housing for immersive students.

What Is Devmountain Satellite?

Currently, Devmountain Satellite is accepting applications for an immersive Web Development program with dates TBD. You can easily apply if you’re interested.

Wondering About Financing?

Paying for your education can be challenging, but Devmountain has financing options available through third-party providers. Learn more about financing for Devmountain students.

Start Your Application

Apply for the Devmountain Satellite course before the application deadline, March 30, to begin the enrollment process. An admissions counselor will answer any questions you have during the second part of the application process.

If you have questions you want to be answered before you begin your application, you can contact Devmountain’s admissions team directly.

Call: +1 (844) 433-8686

Text: +1 (385) 217-2304


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