Interview Tips for Getting Your Dream Coding Job After Bootcamp

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How to Get Your Dream Coding Job

Job interviews for coding careers aren't like most other job interviews. There are a lot of elements to landing a coding job that you will need to prepare for. After talking with many hiring managers and alumni that have landed their dream coding job, we have this guide to help you get a job after bootcamp. 

In this guide, you will learn all the details about how to land an interview, how to prepare for the interview, and how to make a good impression during the interview!

This Guide Includes the Following Chapters:

Why Take a Coding Bootcamp?

Landing an Interview

About the Interview

Your Resume and Portfolio

How to Prepare for an Interview 

Tips for During the Interview

How to Handle the Coding Test

Finishing the Interview

What to Do After the Interview 

Don't Get Discouraged











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