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Learn to Code in Months

Life changes and so can you. Choose from four courses to start a new career in the tech industry, or add to your skillset - whether in web development, marketing, project management, technical recruiting, or instructional design.

In addition to Web Development, we offer courses in iOS Development, UX Design, and Software Quality Assurance.

Web Development Course

Currently Web Development is offered remotely, so you can join class from any place with a computer and high-speed internet. Classes consist of lecture time and project time, where students will learn to use HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub, Javascript, React, Node, and more. 

  • Full-stack (Frontend and Backend) Web Development
  • Live Lectures and Project Time Taught Remotely 
  • Full-time Course Is About 3 Months (weekdays 9am-5pm MT)
  • Part-time Course Is About 9 Months (Tu/Th 6pm-9:30pm, every other Sa 9am-5pm MT) 
  • Previous Experience Is Helpful But Not Necessary
  • Tuition Is $7,900 (Financing Options Available)

Other Course Offerings

Study design, research, information architecture, and more. Make layouts and interfaces that turn websites, apps, and software from frustrating to wonderful.

  • Full-Time Course is About 3 Months

          Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm MT

  • Part-Time Course is About 4 Months

           Tu/Th 6- 9 pm, Sa 9-2 pm MT


  • Live Lectures and Project Times Taught Remotely
  • Tuition is $7,900

Made for those with light coding experience who want to learn to develop apps for Apple Products. Students will cover Xcode, Swift, Objective-C, and more.

  • Full-time Course is About 3 Months

          Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm MT


  • Live Lectures and Project Times Taught Remotely
  • Tuition is $7,900

This is our quickest path into a tech career. Students will learn the basics of QA including unit testing, load testing, automation, and more.

  • Full-time Course is 6 Weeks

          Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm MT


  • Live Lectures and Project Times Taught Remotely
  • Tuition is $4,900

Looking for something besides Web Development? We also offer courses in UX Design, iOS Development, and Software QA.

Wondering About Financing?

Federal loans are not available for Devmountain courses, but there are plenty of other financing options available from other lenders. Learn more about financing for Devmountain students.

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Devmountain, part of Strayer University, is an industry-leading coding bootcamp partnering with Seattle Central College to provide opportunities for life-long learners. Our instructors and program directors are passionate about empowering future programmers, designers, entrepreneurs. 

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