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Web Development

Learn to Code From Home in 13 Weeks

Want to learn how to code? You can join Devmountain instructors and peers from home when you enroll in the Remote Immersive Web Development course.

Part-Time Courses Are Also Available

Have a full-time job and can't commit to the full-time web development program? Check out our Remote, Part-Time Web Development course.

Remote Learning: Is It for You?

At Devmountain, we believe the best way to learn code quickly is to immerse yourself (mentally and physically) into a world where you eat, sleep, and breathe code, and we first and foremost recommend our in-person courses. However, we also realize for some people at some times, in-person simply isn’t an option.

  • Students who cannot come to campus because of family or health reasons
  • Those who don’t need housing, which is not included for Remote courses
  • People who have the discipline to log in each day and take accountability
  • Users who will be proactive about reaching out to instructors or mentors
  • Students who have access to a strong internet connection and a webcam; you can reach out to [email protected] with questions about tech requirements
  • Those who might prefer an in-person option but do not want to put their lives on hold until quarantine or social distancing recommendations are lifted 

Remote learning is for:

"At Devmountain I did more in 13 weeks than I had done the 2 years prior by myself. "

Gabe, Devmountain Graduate

Why Study Web Development Remotely?

You can be ready to pursue junior web development jobs in 13 weeks by learning front-end and back-end web development from home, and by familiarizing yourself with web stack programming languages and frameworks, like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, and React.js.

Remote Learning

You can attend Devmountain from wherever you are, connecting with instructors and mentors using remote technology during scheduled instruction time and peers after hours.

Helpful Mentors

Established developers, alumni, and industry experts all get involved to help you learn web development. You'll have remote access to helpful mentors who can help with questions.

Career Support

You'll work remotely with our Career Support team to help you prepare to find your first web development job. You'll also have lifetime access to Devmountain networking and hiring events.

"I am incredibly impressed with the remote structure that has been implemented"

Devmountain Student

Once you submit your application, you'll work with admissions to see if this Remote course is the right fit for you and your goals.



Lectures will be delivered live, in real-time 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (MDST) Monday-Friday for 13 weeks. You will eat, sleep, and drink code.




Important: You'll go to your virtual classroom each morning for attendance, and you will be expected to be available during class time.


Remote Immersive Web Development: What You Need to Know


You will have real-time access to instructors and mentors via chat or teleconference, and you will be expected to participate remotely.


This course is remote, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less challenging than our in-person courses. You will still cover all of the content taught in the in-person course during your time in Remote Immersive Web Development, and it will still take a lot of work to change your life by learning a new skill. Here are some steps for making the most of remote learning at Devmountain.

Our career counselors will help you prepare to find a job in the tech industry as a junior web developer, and they will talk with you remotely.



Have You Thought About Financing Options?

Even though remote courses are cheaper than their in-person counterparts, paying for education can still be challenging. We have scholarships or finance options available.

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Download a Free Course Outline

Interested in attending Devmountain remotely? Get your free outline for the Remote Immersive Web Development course by dropping in your name and an email.

What You Get in This Course Outline

  • View a week-by-week breakdown of material
  • Learn more about what bootcamp means
  • Check the Remote course schedule
  • See the 3-step admissions process
  • Find out what career services are available